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Inner Wheel District 9
Covering Three Counties in the UK - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

International Theme 2021/22   ‘Stronger women, stronger world’


  How It All Began 

In April 1937 a party of Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Uxbridge, accompanied by their wives, set out for the R.I.B.I. Conference in Bournemouth. These wives would be responsible for opening the first Inner Wheel Clubs in the area which would eventually became known as District 9.

Two of these wives were invited to attend the Association’s Annual General Meeting during which the Inner Wheel founder, Mrs. Margarette Golding was presented with the beautiful ring from all members as a thanksgiving for all she had done to found the Association. The Uxbridge wives were introduced to her and to the Association President, Mrs. Shakerley, who invited them to meet her for coffee the next morning at the Hotel Metropole.  

The Uxbridge wives returned home determined to start an Inner Wheel Club in Uxbridge. Mrs. Wade was chosen as Founder President with Mrs. Gregory as Founder Secretary/Treasurer.

The new club was placed in the care of No. 13 District Committee and no record of No. 9 District would be complete without a tribute being paid to this committee. Windsor and Eton Club was formed two years later in 1939. Both Uxbridge and Windsor Charters were presented at district meetings of No. 13 Committee.

The war years prevented further extension but early in 1944 at a meeting of No. 9 District Rotary Council three members of Uxbridge Inner Wheel were invited to speak about the Inner Wheel movement. The President, Mrs Chaney, gave such an interesting and glowing account that and the result was the formation of two new clubs – Rickmansworth and Watford.  

Thus No. 9 District Inner Wheel came into being and the Inaugural Meeting took place on 4th October 1944, by which time the clubs of St. Albans and Hertford had been added to the membership. Uxbridge Club was invited to be the host club for the meeting  Mrs. Lewis, the then Association President, was to have attended for the formation, but she was prevented from doing so by illness and her place was taken by Mrs. Cote, the Association Vice-President. Mrs. Wade of Uxbridge was elected Founder Chairman of the newly formed District 9. As a tribute for all she had done to aid formation of the District Mrs. Chaney was elected the first member to represent the District on the Association Council. 

Other Clubs were formed during the very successful 18 month chairmanship of Mrs. Wade but the District suffered a terrible blow in 1946 when Mrs. Varney, the Chairman Elect, died suddenly on the eve of taking office so Mrs. Ogg of Rickmansworth, the Vice-Chairman Elect had to assume the office of Chairman, having been a member of Inner Wheel for only two years.   A tremendous debt is owed to these founder members of the District - everything was new, there were no records to turn to and, of course, not very much money. 

Extension spread rapidly throughout the District, mainly due to the good work of the Extension Committee – formed in October 1945 under the able guidance of Mrs. Thomas of Windsor& Eton as Chairman. 




Windsor & Eton








St. Albans


Mrs Hester Phillips,

District 9 chairman 1974

Wearing the original

chain of office

The Hotel Metropole, Bournemouth

             By 1948 there were 24 clubs in the District as follows:

                                 1937 Uxbridge

                           1939 Windsor & Eton

                           1944 Rickmansworth, Watford, Hertford, St. Albans

                           1945 High Wycombe

            1946 Hemel Hempstead, Banbury, Ware, Reading, Bushey

      1947 Oxford, Berkhamstead, Harpenden, Luton, Slough, Welwyn Garden City

            1948 Maidenhead, Leighton Buzzard, Chesham, Aylesbury, Dunstable, Gerrards Cross